Marketing Plan 355


  • 355 growth areas with examples
  • 13 strategies (services/products/infobusiness)
  • Tools to improve results

My name is Daniel Vem. I have come a very long way to understand the cause of FACTS.

I would like to say that this is just a coincidence, but it's not.

The problem has always been that my knowledge of Internet marketing was very


When I started the project, I did not take into account everything that wasneeded. Let's use examples.

In 2014, I took over a well-known banking institute. It was abig project, but because of my lack of confidence, it turned out that if you listen to the client and do what they want , you end up with acomplete mess.The client sees even less than we do and hires us to build what they cannot build themselves. We just had to see the possibilities.

Unfortunately, it was still 10 years away from the time I wrote the marketing plan.


In 2015, my partner and I launched the agency, realizing that each of us was missing out on something. Because we all always need external feedback. And it seems that the work is getting better. One person can't think of everything, but two people can, right? Can they?

At some point, we couldn't. On the New Year's Eve, a client wrote to us saying that working with us was his worst investment. At that time, we have dozens of successful cases, we are holding events and scaling up. But one failed client makes us spend the New Year thinking about what we missed.


Analyze yourself - all faux pas happen only because you didn't think about something extremely important in time.

The task may sound mega-simple - just think ahead. Think about everything else important and don't forget anything. Discuss everything with the customer or employees. Do you feel the tension yet?


But how do you do it quickly? And how do you know you haven't forgotten anything?


In 2016, I launched the SMM course to help people structure everything . A few years later, I launched an Internet marketing course, and then SMM Pro. Since then, there hasn't been a month without a group. To date, I have graduated more than 121 groups - that' s 1978 students.


But it would be very presumptuous to think that everyone will remember everything.


All this time I have been working on various projects and developing tools for myself and my team and for students. The task is to minimize the possibility of missing something.

This becomes my mission. I have to at least try to improve the overall quality of marketers' work. That's how SMM Cluster, a set of tools for marketers and entrepreneurs, was born in 2018.


But in September 2023, while advising an existing marketer, I hear the phrase "I've tried everything." In half an hour, it turns out that this marketer has done almost nothing. The person who took the courses, who works on projects, could not find the growth areas when it became necessary.

If you also want to complain that everything is bad, then what follows is definitely not for you.

But the problem has been formulated. No matter how many certificates you have:


Over the next 6 months, I communicate with a lot of experts and decompose all my successful and failed projects into specific algorithms and elements. The tool that I planned to create in a month took half a year of my life because with each new example, it opened up new undescribed areas.

I thought that I, a person with a lot of experience, would be able to describe everything quickly and without any problems. But this tool has once again shown even me that it is impossible to think about everything at once. Both marketers and entrepreneurs need this tool.

That's how it's born:

Marketing plan: (sections open)

  • Campaign - 96

    1. Advertising budget - 5

    2. Setting up a set of advertisements - 6

    3. Types of tests in the campaign - 6

    4. Audiences in advertising - 12

    5. Retargeting - 8

    6. Customize the ad - 20

    7. Elements of advertisements - 19

    8 Offers and promotions - 20

  • Funnel - 77

    1. 6 formats of ice magnets

    2. Lead magnet - 9

    3. Traffic channels - 12

    4. Instagram profile - 10

    5. Website - 20

    6. Webinar - 16

    7. Google My Business - 4

  • Engagement - 76

    1. mailing channels - 7 

    2. Types of mailings - 18

    3. Hook and Catch in video - 24

    4. Content - 8

    5. Loyalty system - 5

    6. Referral system - 4

    7. Reviews - 10

  • Sales - 39

    1. Dialogues and sales - 8

    2. Additional sales (up-sale) - 6

    3. Cross-selling - 4

    4. Shipping and Delivery - 9

    5. Price adaptation - 6

    6. Offline store - 6

  • Strategy - 67

    1. Strategy 8

    2. Analyzing the results 21

    3. Analysis of competitors 6

    4. Target audience 7

    5. CRM 12

    6 Product and USP 13

In total, there are 355 growth areas with detailed comments. In them, you will find examples from various projects that will be useful for both commodity businesses, services, and information businesses.

First, I launched the sales pitch to a small group of marketers and entrepreneurs to iron out any bumpsRead what they wrote:


I received a ton of feedback and also asked, "What else would you like to see in the kit?"

So, in addition to the Google spreadsheet, a marketing plan appeared:

- Separate version for notion - for those who need advanced filtering and systematization

- The version of ChatGPTs that is trained on marketing plan, various strategies and materials - for those who want to write a problem and get quick solutions

- Strategies for services, information business and commodity business - for those who need to be able to work with different projects

- Advertising budget calculator - for those who want to calculate the budget even without knowing how to do it

- Checklist of website elements for online stores - for those who advertise on online stores

- A complete set of practical SMM Cluster tools for those who are ready to implement everything at once

Video instructions for using the marketing plan, ChatGPTs bot, strategies, calculator, and SMM Cluster

A few visual examples of what awaits you:


Choose your plan:


Marketing plan:

Google spreadsheet with a marketing plan for 355 growth zones.

Notion version of the marketing plan for 355 growth zones

ChatGPTs are trained on various marketing tools

Video tutorial on how to work with the tool

Access to the platform and marketing plan updates




Гугл таблиця з маркетинг планом на 355 зон росту.

Notion версія маркетинг плану на 355 зон росту

ChatGPTs навчений на різних маркетинг інструментах

Відео навчання як працювати із інструментом

Доступ до платформи та оновлень маркетинг плану

+ Майстер-клас по стратегіям:

4 Стратегії в товарному бізнесі 

3 Стратегії в послугах

6 Стратегій в інфобізнесі 

Калькулятор бюджету на рекламу та рентабельності

4 Відео навчання по стратегіям

Гугл таблиця з чек листом для інтернет магазинів

Notion версія чек листа для інтернет магазинів

2 799₴ (78.6% знижка)




Гугл таблиця з маркетинг планом на 355 зон росту.

Notion версія маркетинг плану на 355 зон росту

ChatGPTs навчений на різних маркетинг інструментах

Відео навчання як працювати із інструментом

Доступ до платформи та оновлень маркетинг плану

+ Майстер-клас по стратегіям:

4 Стратегії в товарному бізнесі 

3 Стратегії в послугах

6 Стратегій в інфобізнесі 

Калькулятор бюджету на рекламу та рентабельності

4 Відео навчання по стратегіям

Гугл таблиця з чек листом для інтернет магазинів

Notion версія чек листа для інтернет магазинів

+ 123 інструменти SMM Cluster:

Стратегічне планування та аналіз: 30 інструментів

Цільова аудиторія та контент-маркетинг: 19 інструментів

Дизайн та візуальні матеріали: 21 інструментів

Реклама та просування: 32 інструментів

Технічна підтримка та вирішення проблем: 6 інструментів

Освіта та розвиток: 15 інструментів

4 198  (60.7% знижка)

1 648 ₴

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